Poilievre rips Trudeau for attempted cover up, blacked out WE Charity documents

Shadow Finance Minister and Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre addressed media on Wednesday, providing commentary on how Trudeau's Parliamentary prorogue would affect the WE Charity scandal and investigation.

Yesterday, Poilievre noted that 5,000 pages on the WE Charity situation would be "locked down" in the case of a prorogue. To the matter, Trudeau said that the files would be released, and that critics would be able to continue questioning when Parliament reopens come September.

"We have released all of those documents to he members of the committee so that they can spend their time going through those mountains of documents over the coming weeks so that they can continue to ask any questions they'd like on this issue," the prime minister said.

Video here: https://youtu.be/MPpB5PTzMvc

Notably though, committees such as the Finance Committee will not be able to sit and continue their questioning with prorogation in effect.

At the press conference, Poilievre displayed several pages of the "unsealed"  5,000 documents, noting several inconsistencies between testimonies given by Trudeau and information within the documents.

Many of the pages had information that was completely redacted. These blacked out documents include emails between the Kielburgers, former Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and other government officials in the PMO.

"Why don't we ask what's in those pages in a Parliamentary committee?.. Justin Trudeau shut down those Parliamentary committees. When did he do it? The same day these documents became public! What a coincidence," stressed an animated Poilievre.

"This is a cover up," said Poilievre. "The prime minister personally intervened to give half a billion dollar grant to a group that had paid his family half a million dollars. He is covering it up by blacking it out, and shutting down our investigations."

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